Battered Hilt

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Some nice numbers here from The Fluid Druid in case you are thinking of farming this

If the droprate for the Hilt is 0.25%(UPDATE: Now appears to be 0.1%), and all mobs drop it at that same rate, then you have X chance of seeing it at least once after Y kills:

  • 50%: 693
  • 75%: 1386
  • 90%: 2301
  • 95%: 2995
  • 99%: 4600

To put this in context, a full run of all three dungeons usually kills about ~100 mobs.


Alt frustrations

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Something that I’ve realised over the last 6 months, is that *drum roll* I play WoW to raid.  Shocker that. And I want to raid on all my toons – including my most recent one (that would be the DK).

Now 99% of the time the thing that stops getting a toon into raid is the dreaded, ‘link achiev pls’.

Side note – I mus say that I appreciate the constant upgrading of the badge system that Blizzard has done – I can now deck my DK out in T9 with relatively little effort, which at least gears me for the content I’m wishing to attempt.

Short of getting your guild mates to run you through content they often don’t want to do themselves (and honestly I don’t like asking people to do this) it usually presents a frustrating week or two of getting knocked back by PUG leaders until you can find someone who will take you without the achievments.

Usually my approach my approach now days is, “Hi, 4.9k GS Unholy DK, don’t have achiev on this toon, but I have x/x on 2 other toons I can send you if you wish”.  I’m yet to have anyone actually ask me for the achievement from my other toons.  It either instant invite (which frankly makes me nervous) and silence (which I have come to expect).  Thankfully I’ve managed to PUG him through TOC10, TOC25 and Ony10 so far so that most of the main achievements out of the way – but what I really want is to get him into  ICC10 group now – especially as it’s this weeks weekly raid on my server.

I suspect I will be starting my own group for that and see how many guild alts I can drag along.

Wish me luck 😛

Bitch about LFG – it’s what all the cool kids are doing

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I’m not going to do it, because frankly whole thing is pretty much awesomeness covered with chocolate icing and sprinkles, but holy crap it feels like everyone else is. Almost every WoW site on the interweb has some form of whinge-fest going on right now about the PUGs you get.

All, I’ll say is this – if you don’t like it – leave party.  Hey presto, problem solved.

Rogue Assasination Offhands

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By the way – this is mostly a bitch session, so excuse me in advance.

Well, lets get this started with something that was bugging me for the longest time – but which now, of course, is completely irrelevant – thanks 3.3.

And what am I complaining about exactly? The lack of Fast OH Daggers.   Or more specifically I’m complaining bout my inability to get one.

(completely unrelated side note here that arose as i was attempting to find some items on wowhead – but that drives me nutty also – why OH why, must wowhead have the $%*&$ annoying popup the first time you click anywhere on a page for your first visit per session.  I swear we were past the age of the pop-up advertisement now days.  Does anyone do anything other than just immediately close the offending popup? Does it achieve anything beyond annoying your visitors? Srsly)

Pre-3.3 the options for a fast OH dagger for the raiding rogue where limited.  Without digging through too many loot list you basically had 6 options at the (then current) gear levels.

  • 2 from TOC (10 Jaxx, 25 Icehowl) – one of which was loaded with ArP – making it sub-optimal for a Assas Rogue.
  • 4 from Uld (25 XT,  25 HM Freya,  10HM Thorim,  10 Yogg) –  this is actually a pretty decent list.  But without a guild that actively ran Uld HMs… well don’t get me started on this.

Now, I didn’t manage to get ANY of these, despite running 10TOC, 25TOC and 25Uld for god knows how many weeks/months. It was enough to send a boy crazy.

In the end, after running  H TOC every day for 5-6weeks I took the Black Knight Rondel as my OH as anything was better than Namlak’s Supernumerary Sticker which I had been using from almost the day I turned 80, well into TOC25/TOGC10.

And why is this now all irrelevant – because of these 2 babies

Unsharpened Ice Razor and Krick’s Beetle Stabber from the new ICC 5 mans.

So, hurrah – I finally get SOMETHING to go with my 245 MH dagger when I want to stab things.

Anyhow – bitch session /end

It’s Christmas…

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In case you didn’t notice.

Maybe I need to work on this whole stating the obvious thing.

Anyhow, so I decided to start a blog – not something I’ve done in a while, and I assume this will end up like the 5745873 random Warcraft blogs you find out there that dry up after 2 months.

So some mental notes for myself to rabbit on about.

  • Rogue assasination offhands
  • How easy it was the gear my DK
  • How annoying its been geared my Kitty vs every other toon.
  • ArP – where to go with it as a kitty
  • Pre ICC content – it would good to see the rest of it.
  • 3.3 the good the bad the ugly
  • ICC and where its at
  • General summaries of what I’ve learned about playing my classes.

Wow, that’s a bit of stuff off the top of my head.  No wonder I wanted to start a blog about this.  Only problem will be stopping playing to actually write the crap I want to ramble on about.

Also, must get rid of this crappy default wordpress layout.