Alt frustrations

Something that I’ve realised over the last 6 months, is that *drum roll* I play WoW to raid.  Shocker that. And I want to raid on all my toons – including my most recent one (that would be the DK).

Now 99% of the time the thing that stops getting a toon into raid is the dreaded, ‘link achiev pls’.

Side note – I mus say that I appreciate the constant upgrading of the badge system that Blizzard has done – I can now deck my DK out in T9 with relatively little effort, which at least gears me for the content I’m wishing to attempt.

Short of getting your guild mates to run you through content they often don’t want to do themselves (and honestly I don’t like asking people to do this) it usually presents a frustrating week or two of getting knocked back by PUG leaders until you can find someone who will take you without the achievments.

Usually my approach my approach now days is, “Hi, 4.9k GS Unholy DK, don’t have achiev on this toon, but I have x/x on 2 other toons I can send you if you wish”.  I’m yet to have anyone actually ask me for the achievement from my other toons.  It either instant invite (which frankly makes me nervous) and silence (which I have come to expect).  Thankfully I’ve managed to PUG him through TOC10, TOC25 and Ony10 so far so that most of the main achievements out of the way – but what I really want is to get him into  ICC10 group now – especially as it’s this weeks weekly raid on my server.

I suspect I will be starting my own group for that and see how many guild alts I can drag along.

Wish me luck 😛


~ by withaph on December 27, 2009.

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