Rogue Assasination Offhands

By the way – this is mostly a bitch session, so excuse me in advance.

Well, lets get this started with something that was bugging me for the longest time – but which now, of course, is completely irrelevant – thanks 3.3.

And what am I complaining about exactly? The lack of Fast OH Daggers.   Or more specifically I’m complaining bout my inability to get one.

(completely unrelated side note here that arose as i was attempting to find some items on wowhead – but that drives me nutty also – why OH why, must wowhead have the $%*&$ annoying popup the first time you click anywhere on a page for your first visit per session.  I swear we were past the age of the pop-up advertisement now days.  Does anyone do anything other than just immediately close the offending popup? Does it achieve anything beyond annoying your visitors? Srsly)

Pre-3.3 the options for a fast OH dagger for the raiding rogue where limited.  Without digging through too many loot list you basically had 6 options at the (then current) gear levels.

  • 2 from TOC (10 Jaxx, 25 Icehowl) – one of which was loaded with ArP – making it sub-optimal for a Assas Rogue.
  • 4 from Uld (25 XT,  25 HM Freya,  10HM Thorim,  10 Yogg) –  this is actually a pretty decent list.  But without a guild that actively ran Uld HMs… well don’t get me started on this.

Now, I didn’t manage to get ANY of these, despite running 10TOC, 25TOC and 25Uld for god knows how many weeks/months. It was enough to send a boy crazy.

In the end, after running  H TOC every day for 5-6weeks I took the Black Knight Rondel as my OH as anything was better than Namlak’s Supernumerary Sticker which I had been using from almost the day I turned 80, well into TOC25/TOGC10.

And why is this now all irrelevant – because of these 2 babies

Unsharpened Ice Razor and Krick’s Beetle Stabber from the new ICC 5 mans.

So, hurrah – I finally get SOMETHING to go with my 245 MH dagger when I want to stab things.

Anyhow – bitch session /end


~ by withaph on December 27, 2009.

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